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imageI don’ t consider myself a prayer warrior. I don’t have a ministry of prayer. In fact, when I hear the word intercessor I pause because I have insecurities about that word. Intercessor. I may have no clue what it really means. I think I have interceded before, though. Like the times I have literally felt someone else’s pain and prayed as if my life and their lives depended on it. Maybe that is what an intercessor does?

However, I know that we are each called to prayer. We are to talk to God without limitations. When I hear about people locking themselves away into a prayer closet or having a prayer room in their house I feel a bit more insecure. I mean, a whole room in your house for just you and God to talk? Don’t get me wrong; I love this notion of having a house big enough to do this. I relish in the idea of an upper room with soft pillows and a little gold-gilded furniture to remind me of the Ark of the Covenant (the presence of God). But I don’t succumb to the pressure in the Body of Christ to compete with a prayer room.

I have had too many prayers answered and seen too many miracles so I know that God hears me even if I don’t pray like others pray. Isn’t that what God wants from us anyway? He wants our authentic conversations with Him, unlike anyone else. He doesn’t want us to copy how someone else talks to Him. He wants our hearts, open and uncovered.

I don’t need a concordance for the meanings of big words and references. I don’t need guidance from someone who went before me. The truth is – I carry the presence of God because He lives inside of me. And so do you. Although it is necessary for us to pray for ourselves what happens when we can’t? When we feel choked out by the world  we have to call on others to pray for us. Have you ever felt paralyzed and without the strength to form even a word? I have. It is in those moments I have been so thankful to reach out to another to ask for prayer.

I don’t have strength everyday to stand in the gap and pray as if my life or your life depends on it. Those prayers where I am face-down on the floor, weeping, and fasting are not common. So if you are looking to me for that – find someone with prayer pillows and consider that their ministry. You won’t find that here. (Oh I really do have a prayer pillow and a house big enough for a prayer room, but I digress). But what I do have is the energy today to take your requests to God and agree with you for the promises.

I believe that prayer isn’t hard work. I believe that prayer isn’t a mystery. I believe that prayer doesn’t require me to lock myself away nor dedicate a room to it. Prayer is simply talking to God. I am more than happy to talk to God about you and your situations today, as I talk to Him. I will be talking to Him as I shop, as I clean the house. I am talking to Him now as I write. I pray that whatever you face today will be confronted with the holy presence of God. All mountains must melt like wax in His presence. That’s what I will ask for – for His presence to invade your situation. That is what I want you to do for me, too. Talk to God about me. It is the best gift you would ever give me. And by all means, if you choose to do that near a wailing wall or a in a prayer room, or as you change a diaper-  it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you mention me. How can I pray for you today?

Jennifer Lopes



It’s 2015. This number seems, well, so large. I am more comfortable with 1992 or 1998. I have memories from childhood that this year, 2015, was from another galaxy and would take light years to get here.

What I have learned is that time will pass despite our misconception of it. If we have a goal or a dream time can either serve us or sabotage us. Time doesn’t stop for our comfort or our procrastination. This time next year, we will have either accomplished a dream in our heart, be working toward it, or harbor regrets for what we didn’t do.

I was reminded of this when I discovered a lonely flower pot in my garage. It appeared to be abandoned and neglected but when I peeked into the pot it was teeming with life. The bulbs I had intentionally saved from last Spring were forcing themselves as an early Christmas gift to me. I had forgotten the 10 minutes of work it took to put them all in a large container to save them. I am now enjoying their beauty and fragrance as I start the new year. A little time has yielded me a lot of enjoyment.

I am here to remind you that God intended for us to not only have life but to enjoy it. But even our enjoyment will first start in seed or bulb form. It is the same with our dreams and goals. We have to plant and tend to them- like stewards. No one else is going to garden your dream. You have to be intentional and trust God with the growth.

My prayer for you: may the God (who holds our time in His hands) make your time fruitful, blessing your relationships, finances, and health. May all that you set your hand to do be blessed and yield you a beautiful harvest of enjoyment.

If you are sad about taking down the Christmas decor just replace them with tulips and allow the hope of a fresh start toward your dreams to arise. Rise and shine. It’s your year. Begin to allow time to serve you well. Here’s a toast to a harvest of life, bounty and love.

Jennifer Lopes

Winter Events

Winter Events

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Brunch for Life 2013

Brunch for Life 2013

On July 20th, PULSE will be hosting a special co-ed Brunch for Life at Heron Lakes Country Club. The cost is $20 per ticket. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness and funds for PULSE Pro-Life Student Ministry.
We believe every baby deserves a birthday because of the value of each life. Join us as we celebrate the gift of Life at this special event!

God of the Gray Areas by Jennifer Lopes

God of the Gray Areas by Jennifer Lopes

Life isn’t always black and white. But even when you’re living in the muddled middle, God wants to shine His light into the events of your life; the mundane, the spectacular-even the dark corners.
God of the Gray Areas is a book full of true stories, a fascinating glimpse into one woman’s life that will reveal how God is at work in your own life. Like a spiritual reality show, it is a grab bag of surprises that will encourage you to come alive to the reality of God’s truth-in living color. Jennifer Lopes shares her triumphs, her embarrassments, and her observations of life events, uncovering the comedy, the tragedy and the divine.
These simple stories will show you how to hear God speak, and how to see through His eyes, whether you’re at Disney World, on the ball field, or just learning to love your neighbor.
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PULSE Summer Calendar

PULSE Summer Calendar

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Father/Daughter Purity Gala

On March 17, 2013 PULSE hosted its first Father/Daughter Purity Gala at Harvest Church. The fathers read a pledge over their daughter to pray for her, cover her, and stay pure in their own lives. The daughters read a pledge to commit to staying pure for God, her future spouse, and future children.
Each girl laid a white rose at the cross symbolizing her promise to God to remain pure. This was such a special and memorable time for fathers and daughters to spend time with one another and pray together.